And now to one of my favorite categories…the blessed movie.

Of all the movies I have seen in the universe…Ahem…Of all the movies I have seen in my life…Excuse me…Of all the movies I have seen this spring…That’s better…my favorite is definitely the enthralling Jane Eyre, directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Mia Wasikowska as Jane and Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester. The thing that is most worthy about this version (for there are many) is the lengths to which they have gone to stay true to Bronte’s original masterpiece. This film is a good adaptation, as most renderings of books can only hope to be. It fully captures the wildness of Rochester and of his estate, the strength of Jane and the tragedy of what she must do, and the beauty of her clothes. Did I just say that? I meant the beauty of true virtue. I’m obsessed with this movie.

I’m also obsessed with a movie that has not even come out yet: The Tree of Life, directed by Terrence Malick and starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Jessica Chastain. I just love that it’s trying to deal with the subject of life and death and grace and brute strength. Could they be any more ambitious? Who does that??? But the imagery is intoxicating to me, along with the theme, and almost reminds me of Aronofsky’s The Fountain in the way that it surges with both the cosmic and the myopic. And who can remain unmoved when that young child’s voice says, “Father. Mother. Always you wrestle within me.”? But there’s a chance that I actually just like this trailer. One version of the trailer has Smetana’s “The Moldau” and this one isn’t too shabby, either.

My last cinematic obsession is the film Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle. It came out about four years ago, and I watched it about a year ago, but I can’t seem to get it out of my head. It is beyond suspenseful (borders on horrific) and yet profound and there is a scene which continues to lead me into a place of worshipful reverence whenever we sing the song “Glorious One” by Steve Fee in church.

Other films that will forever remain on my obsession list:
Pride and Prejudice by Joe Wright
Gosford Park by Robert Altman
The Clearing by Pieter Jan Brugge

What films are you obsessed with?


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I'm a writer and blogger who lives in southwest Missouri with my husband and daughter. I love to write about fashion, design, health, food, sex, relationships, and Jesus. You can e-mail me at aannagreer(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 thoughts on “OBSESSION WEEK: Day 3, Film

  1. life is beautiful and the family stone are my 2 favorite movies. i feel like i haven’t seen a REALLY good movie in a long while.

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