Advice on Time Management

A few weeks ago, I did a bit of whining at The Gig. I thought it was really hard to find time to write. Even though the truth is that everyone is busy and everyone has the same amount of time, no one pointed this out to me, but instead graciously gave me some really helpful advice. Here’s a compilation:

~Start a time log.
~Separate all actions into categories and prioritize them.
~If you don’t have enough time for everything that is important, compromise on the time spent on each thing. You may not be able to spend as much time doing chores around the house, or unwinding after work, but at least you’ll get to do it a little bit, as well as all the other things on your list.
~Decide on the best way to do the things on your list. For example, you want to spend time with friends, but perhaps you can forego the evening of movie watching in exchange for a personal tête-à-tête over lunch.
~Write down everything you need to do.
~Use technology (like an iPhone) to help you keep a real-time to-do list.
~Schedule writing time. E-mail friends with your schedule as a source of accountability.
~Cancel your cable service.
~Speed clean.
~Decide what your writing is: is it a job or a reward? If it’s a job, schedule your hours, don’t be late to work and don’t leave early. If it’s a reward, dangle it in front of your day like a carrot, so that you can get everything else done in time to write each day.
~Do everything once. Check your e-mail once a day. Check Facebook once a day. Check your phone messages once a day.
~Simplify your cooking. Don’t have extravagant menus, grocery shopping or cooking.
~Don’t overschedule the Holy Spirit. Be flexible with God. Be ready for extraordinary ordinary days.

Thanks to Jen, Michael, Kristi, Leanne, and Julia for some invaluable advice. Now to put it into practice!


About Aanna

I'm a writer and blogger who lives in southwest Missouri with my husband and daughter. I love to write about fashion, design, health, food, sex, relationships, and Jesus. You can e-mail me at aannagreer(at)gmail(dot)com.

8 thoughts on “Advice on Time Management

  1. wisdom from above…. you have smart friends…may the Lord richly bless your efforts to be productive and effective with the life He has given you to His glory 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Aanna! I’m blogging about this today, too, because I too am trying to figure out the balance. It’s very tough! Look for a shout-out in my blog in about 2 hours! Thanks again for the shout-out and for some more great ideas for my toolbox, and keep up the great work!

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