On Reaching Your Potential

There’s been some talk around me lately about reaching potential. Honestly, it’s used a lot of the time to inflict a guilt trip on the person “not reaching their potential.” Which is lame. All this talk got me thinking about what potential is, means, and how to “reach” it. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Do what God wants, the best you can, with what he’s given you, in the place he’s put you.

Do what God wants…

Know the Bible. This means just doing what God makes clear in the Bible that we’re all supposed to do.

The best you can…

Don’t be lazy. Sheesh…

With what he’s given you…

“Know thyself.” In other words, what are your personal gifts? Passions? Hobbies? Knowledge? Expertise? And more concretely, what are the physical resources God has made available to you? Money? House? Dog? Couch? Xbox? Church building? Car? Business? Use everything!

In the place he’s put you.

Know the Bible. “Place” = circumstances, job, geographic location, church community, friends, family, financial situation, etc. This one kind of ties back in with the first one. God doesn’t usually give specific instructions about what he wants us to do or where he wants us to go. This means that for most people, we could change it to say “wherever you are.” For some people, they need to change their place to be more in line with scriptures.

So in my opinion, if you want to reach your potential, try doing what God wants, the best you can, with what he’s given you, in the place he’s put you. I don’t see how you could fail.


4 thoughts on “On Reaching Your Potential

  1. well said my wise son-in-law. why is the simple and clear and “mundane” not that which is strived after with great furvor and expectation? when God says “do everything without arguing or complaining… and you will be pure and blameless… and shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the Word of Life” , from Phil. 4., or “be thankful in everything… and pray continually…” in Thes. all with great promise and …being kind and gentle and patient and loving and peaceful are the the fruit of keeping in step with the Holy Spirit and being “spiritual”. these are evidences of living up to our potential from the power of God that raised Christ from the dead from Col. 1. my desire is to be full of grace, which by definition take from contexts where “grace” is used, it would be “full of the empowering presence of God to be what God created me to be and do what God created me to do…” not accept my weaknesses and the weaknesses of others with love and carry on our sad striving and failing ~that is a bad case of “mercy”…

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