That Is the Question

Bunny Banks

I’ve been told these bunnies are creepy. They are an icon of my childhood. To keep or not to keep?


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I'm a writer and blogger who lives in southwest Missouri with my husband and daughter. I love to write about fashion, design, health, food, sex, relationships, and Jesus. You can e-mail me at aannagreer(at)gmail(dot)com.

14 thoughts on “That Is the Question

  1. But again (as caitlin said), not necessarily “keep” or “not to keep.” That’s totally up to you and I will love and respect your decision. 🙂

  2. I think what makes them creepy is the fact you are a grown man. i say keep them, but use the excuse you are going to give them to your children one day.

    1. Actually these are my wife’s. But my vote is to throw them away or give them to Aanna’s younger sisters.

      Creepy (just the blue one) is one thing, but useless is another. Why keep useless things that sit in a box?

  3. I have Emilie’s cat painted green and blue dog~ did you keep them?? I have heard that all keepsakes should stay at your mom’s house till your kids are 9 or 10 when they will say “Wow, Mom, can I use this, it’s really retro!” Or you look in a thrift store and see one just like you had and the price is 10 times its value 🙂
    Don’t forget the lesson of save, give, spend that went with those bunnies (where’s the third one?) that you obviously learned well! 🙂

  4. I definitely remember the lesson, Mom! The third bank was the “safe box” that Dad made for us.

    Rebecca, I painted the bunnies, but your mom helped me pick them out and showed my mom and I how to paint them.

    I’ve decided to keep them. Sorry, Logan! I’m considering spray painting them in an ivory or cream (makes me think of old Greek sculpture) and see if it might look good in a children’s room someday.

  5. you should NOT paint them a dull ivory or cream.
    I mean, your kids need to imagine those creepy bunnies coming alive in the middle of the night and run, terrified to your room.

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