The Simple Service Initiative

I’m sure North Point people are sick of hearing about The Simple Service Initiative. If you’re one of those people, move along now, there’s nothing new to see here.

If you’re not one of those people, here’s the deal: The Simple Service Initiative is an all-church event that is taking place from March 13th-16th.

The adults and little kids are going to get up Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning, meet up at the church and then go out and do various service projects all day long. Each night they will return to their homes to rest up for the next day.

The youth (middle/high school, college) are doing something a little different. We’re going to leave tonight (Friday) to go to a camp called “Copass,” where we’ll be staying for the duration of SSI. Each morning we’ll get up, go to another camp called “Summit” for disabled and at-risk kids, and work our tails off to fix it up (mostly grounds work). Each night we’ll return to Copass for games, food and a lil bit a-learnin’.

It’s going to be seriously awesome, and I think a really good way for NoPoYo to come together as a group over something significant.

Here’s what you can do to get involved:

Pray that:

  • Each day that the kids will be impassioned to have God’s heart for helping those in need.
  • The kids will be drawn into deeper relationships with each other.
  • Everyone will grow closer to God.
  • We’ll have a blast!

Follow us:

  • If you’re super geeky (like me) and want to see a play-by-play of the trip, this site will be updated regularly with pictures and stuff of what’s going on:

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