The chiming of church bells. At first faint, as though far away, or in a dream. The noise grows and repeats itself, becoming closer and louder. Finally, Logan’s hand reaches out from under the covers and grasps his iPhone. At the touch of his finger, the chimes stop, and the Greers’ day has begun.Logan is the stereotypical night owl. As such, he has reveled in the fact that he makes his own office hours. Heading into the office around 9:30 gives him plenty of time to sleep past the dreaded “early morning” and I’ve adopted that same habits with a relish.

Many days he has lunch meetings with Mike or Debbie or one of the youth leaders. On such days, I usually don’t see him until 6:30, when he gets back home again. He tells me that his days consist of maintaining a steady flow of communication between the youth leaders so that on Sunday, when Underground takes place, the event can be pulled off as smoothly as possible.

While Logan is away at work, I’ve gradually begun to fill up my time. One major addition to my schedule is a part time job that I started a couple weeks ago. There is a woman in the church who watches several babies in her home throughout the week. She asked me to come help her for a couple hours, three times a week. I help feed the babies, play with them, help her take them to the park, go to Story Time at the library, or just try to assist her in any way I can. I love the woman I work for, love the babies, and feel really grateful for the added income and work that it has given me.

Once Logan gets home from work, we usually settle down into our current favorite pastime: watching DVDs of the television show 24. I’m beginning to suspect that we’re addicted. In a few short weeks we’ve whipped through nearly three seasons, and I see no obstacle to us keeping up the same frenetic pace through the next three seasons.

In less than two weeks the Northpoint youth group will leave for Juarez, Mexico to build a couple houses with Amor Ministries. I get to go along with Logan and the group and I’m excited about the chance to spend so much time with the students. I can imagine that a 12+ hour bus ride would be quite bonding. The church has been going to Mexico for over a decade, so they have the whole process down to an art, but it still requires a lot of work. A lot of Logan’s energy over the past several weeks has been spent in planning this up-coming trip, and we’ve spent several Saturdays working with the other youth leaders to gather tools, tents, food, and lots of other stuff for the trip. Let us know if God lays it on your heart to write a big, juicy check to the Mexico Youth Group Trip fund, because He knows we could use it. (Wink, wink…)

As of this afternoon, Logan and I are officially Texans, and as such, I think that the honeymoon period has finally ended. I’ve been emotional and Logan’s been stressed. We would covet your prayers for Logan as a spiritual leader and for me as his encourager. There are a lot of obstacles and stumbling blocks in our way, but we want to serve God and know that your prayers are a great help to us.

More later…

[This post is coming several weeks after Aanna wrote it, mostly because I am a poor manager of the blog. Pretend you’re reading this three weeks ago. ~Logan]


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I'm a writer and blogger who lives in southwest Missouri with my husband and daughter. I love to write about fashion, design, health, food, sex, relationships, and Jesus. You can e-mail me at aannagreer(at)gmail(dot)com.

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