Up-Date from the Texas Greers

Our apartment is now mostly boxless and beginning to look like home. Cassie, one of the college age youth leaders, came over last Wednesday and helped me hang pictures on the wall. That made things look a little more “lived in”.

Last Wednesday also marked the first time that Logan and I were able to invite people over to our house for a meal. Cassie and Alan (another college age youth leader) came over for supper and we had a good time eating, joking, and getting to know each other a little better.

I also had a personal first the week I moved here: my first traffic ticket. Without going into the gory details, I was issued two traffic tickets and a huge fine, and told to attend a Defensive Driving course. Boy was I angry. I felt I had more than ample excuse for the things I had done wrong, but no! Stupid police officer had to go and give me a ticket. Well, over the course of the past two weeks, as I’ve been mulling all these thoughts over in my head, I have come to the conclusion that instead of being angry for receiving deserved punishment for my crimes, I should stop complaining and keep my eyes open for opportunities that God might supply me to glorify him in the midst of my stupidness.

The church put on a fabulous Open House for Logan and I, hosted by Dusty and Kathy Rubeck. They have a gorgeous house set on a rolling acreage in Flowermound, complete with cows, a pond, and a swimming pool. Lots of people showed up, and we all just sat around, ate, laughed and told stories. I love opportunities like this, to sit back and watch the Northpoint church relate to each other. I really feel like I’ve been able to get to know people, so much so that I feel like I’ve been here for much longer than a month! At the Open House we were showered with gift cards and money. I feel so humbled in the face of such rich generosity.

Here are a few other elements of Logan’s and my weekly schedule:

On Sunday evenings from 5-7, Underground takes place. This is the only youth group event of the week, and usually consists of ice-breaker games, worship, a lesson, small group times, snacks and games. We’ve been so impressed with the competence of the youth leaders and I know Logan looks forward to aiding and empowering them further.

Logan has begun working out with Alan a couple days a week. They have been able to develop a bond based on their common love for Jesus and sarcasm.

Wanda Farra (the senior minister’s wife) had the foresight to suggest that she begin mentoring me. I’m really grateful to have an older woman who has “seen it all” be there to guide and assist me in my new life as a minister’s wife. We have our first meeting this week and I’m really looking forward to learning from this wise woman.

On Thursday nights, Logan and I separate. I go hang out with the girls where Debbie Garison (the church’s administrator) cooks supper and we all study and pray together. Logan goes to “Bean Night” where the guys sit around, eat beans and talk about life. I, for one, am just glad that the girls have no such menu. I try to stay at Debbie’s house for as long as possible, just so that Logan can get “Bean Night” out of his system before we drive home together.

There are so many more people and things that I’d love to write about, but hopefully that can unfold in the coming weeks’ blogs. But lastly, I just want to say that God has lavished so many blessings upon Logan and I. I am so happy about the things he has done in our lives and the place he has brought us. God has good plans!


About Aanna

I'm a writer and blogger who lives in southwest Missouri with my husband and daughter. I love to write about fashion, design, health, food, sex, relationships, and Jesus. You can e-mail me at aannagreer(at)gmail(dot)com.

3 thoughts on “Up-Date from the Texas Greers

  1. Aanna dearest!
    I hope you are settling down nicely in Texas. Glad to hear how supportive everyone has been! I think about you and your family all the time and hope that one day I will see ALL of you again!!! It must happen, we’re in the same country! =) Love you and God bless! Tina

  2. i am so glad yáll are doing so well!!! It sounds like you have plugged in already and made friends and are having fun! that is so great!!!! we are so excited for yáll and hope we’ll get to see you next time when we’re in dallas (though, i’m not sure when that will be)
    i love you guys!! s

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