The Fountain

The Fountain, by director Darren Aronofsky, has become one of my favorite movies.

Without letting you in on much of the plot-line (in case you’d like to see it), I’ll just say that the theme is ‘death as a means of creation.’ Although much of the imagery of the movie is Buddhist, the Bible is full of the truth that life springs from death.

Whoever wants to save his life must lose it.

Unless a seed dies…

The Son of Man must be put to death and then rise on the third day.

The means by which Aronofsky achieves this theme are detailed, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and sometimes weird. While leaping from Inquisitorial Spain to modern times to Futuristic Space Bubble, each scene is so carefully constructed that you don’t feel roughed up, like some movies who try to be “weird”. The transitions between different times are seamless, unique, and yet not uniform, so that while the audience is being led gently along the path of the film, the audience does not feel condescended to either.

The love story is brilliant. I feel that Tommy and Izzi are true to life characters who respond to the harsh reality of death in realistic ways. Tommy tries to fix the problem, spending more time trying to find a cure for Izzi’s disease than spending valuable minutes at his wife’s side. Izzi only wants to be near her husband, wanting to lead him to the place of peace that she has come to.

Every shot was radiant, infused with golden light, and stars (or lanterns or candles) pepper the background of many scenes. The conceptualization of this film must have been extensive to have created such a complex, stunning, and consistent perspective.

I’d like to watch “Fountain” with the director’s commentary so I might learn even more about all that they wanted to communicate through the film. A beautiful movie!


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One thought on “The Fountain

  1. I read a review that said the movie was based on a book that many people thought to be impossible to translate to film. Quite an achievement if you ask me.

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