What Happens In Laos, Stays In Laos

Well, not really. It depends on what specific event you are talking about. There are many things that happened in Laos that I have no problem bringing to you.

This is one of those things.

While in Laos, I took some photos (well over a thousand photos actually) and I have posted the creme de la creme for you to enjoy.

-Click Here To See The Pictures-

Just for the record, I have absolutely no idea what creme de la creme means. I am pretty sure there is something similar to this that actually means something. This one I made up, but it sure does sound neat huh?


2 thoughts on “What Happens In Laos, Stays In Laos

  1. Hey Logan. This is Crystal Pennington (used to be Simpson)! I ran across your blog today on wordpress (I am a fellow user). I just read this entry and was wondering what you were doing and where you were in Laos. Ironically enough, my sister has been living in the capital there since July of ’06 teaching English with ELIC. In fact, my parents just got back from a visit a couple of weeks ago. She loves it and actually just signed on for another year. Small world I guess. Let me know how you and yours are doing. It sure has been a while since I’ve heard anything about the Greer family. The last I remember was seeing your parents at Outback in Amarillo just after you got engaged. Congratulations on your marriage, by the way. You can visit see what Ryan and I are up to if you want at wordoflife.wordpress.com. Hope all is well.

  2. Crystal. Wow. It’s been a long time. Way to go on getting married!

    It is a small world. I was in Laos because the company I work for has a branch there. They are trying to help the economy and feed poor people by establishing a real agricultural business there.

    It was an amazing trip.

    I will check out your WP sometime. Good to hear from you.

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