Fare Thee Well, Harvester Student Ministries

In honor of the wonderful people I met during my internship, this post contains pictures of many of the people we came to love in Saint Louis. If we did not get your picture, we are sorry. These pictures were taken in a flurry after Church our last Sunday.

Aanna and the House Group boysAll the things that represent men Knepper's war woundKnepperAanna and Jr High girls Sunday SchoolAanna and DestinyAanna and Sarah...or is it Lauren?Logan and Aanna and friendsCuddling with a CutshallLogan, Aanna and our corner-sitting friendAanna and friendsLogan and JoeLogan and some crazy highschoolersMore crazy highschoolersLogan and JoshK Wehr doing Blue SteeleJust usWe're so crazy

We will always cherish the time we spent there in Saint Charles. Thank you so much for the lessons you taught us. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives. We are forever grateful. Fare thee well, Harvester Student Ministries.

~ Logan & Aanna Greer ~


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