A Farmer’s Life For Me

Well folks, it looks like we finally have at least a temporary destination for our after-the-internship adventures.


I am sitting here in Mexico city, visiting my brother and helping him move back to USAmerica, and I thought I would let all you breathless anticipatory fans know that we finally have a plan…sorta.

I have set in motion a series of events that will eventually cause a chain reaction that will in turn set off a domino effect which will undoubtedly snowball into Aanna and I moving to Iowa.

I will work for my father-in-law; Aanna will lounge around our sprawling estate, snacking on Italian chocolates (those cheap chocolates give her headaches) and acquiring various exotic animals to keep as pets. It promises to be a bright future.

I will work for Paul (my father-in-law) doing an assortment of projects. This is not long-term, but is more of an interim filler. While we may end up staying in Iowa, it is by no means certain. We are currently talking with a couple other options which don’t open up for a while.

So I suppose that I won’t really be a farmer, but I will be living close to a farmer or two in a farming community, which is sorta like being a farmer. So the title “A Farmer’s Life For Me” isn’t entirely false.

Wish us luck!


12 thoughts on “A Farmer’s Life For Me

  1. It’s great to hear that you guys at least have short term plans. I hope all goes well, and that you totally enjoy your time near family. 🙂 Love you guys.
    -Joy 🙂

  2. Vince,
    These aren’t those kind of farmers. I think maybe you are confusing “farmer” with “rancher.” “Farmers” generally raise plants. “Ranchers” are the ones who raise meat.
    So if you want meat from me you might be out of luck. I can, however, probably manage to bring you some thick, juicy…


    Sorry. It’s all I got.

  3. I think I am going to have to pass on the soybeans. But thanks anyway… I think. Oh and thanks for making fun of me all the time. I am not sure what kind of person I would be if you didn’t.


  4. I love logan & aanna…E-mail so we can stay in touch oh I also need a ddress so I can send you something I 4got 2 give you b4 you left…I so sasd I cried Sunday night…when I relised you were really gone 4eva!

  5. Maestro…you can send anything to 634 Hwy. 6 Grinnell IA 50112. I’m sorry we didn’t get to really say good-bye to each other. I’m so glad for the time that we got to spend together. It was great.

  6. logan…i dont wish you luck…
    as a matter of fact, i wish you the opposite of luck…(bad luck). thats right, i wish you bad bad luck in iowa. i wish your luck in iowa to be so bad that you are left no other options but to move to Joplin…with me. this would of course be better anything else. because when you’re in iowa, it’s much harder for us to hang out than it would be should you move to joplin. And hanging out is far better than not hanging out, ergo, moving to joplin is better than moving to iowa. This is going to be very hard to disagree/argue with given my resplendent logic/reasoning. So, i guess ill see you in Joplin.

  7. Lane, your whole argument is one huge logical fallacy.


    You know, I think you would really like to take a class on Logic, seeing as how you are totally incompetent at it.

    The chances are good that I will end up in Joplin, but I will keep you updated.

  8. logan,
    you’re a moron. and i still think you should move to joplin no later than aug. 07. this seems like an even better idea in light of you most recent post. we all know that you are better at playing video games when you have someone to play them with (i.e. me). I would only assume that you would want to continue your pilgrimage for better understanding and perspicacity. In conclusion, moving to Joplin would be better because 1. we can hang out and, in review, hanging out is good. (see previous comment) 2. we can play video games together thus achieving new levels of brilliance.

    Your friend (on the condition that you move to Jopin),

  9. I agree with Lane. I wish you the worst of luck that you’ve ever seen. I hope plagues come to your farm and eradicate the cattle population. Then, I hope that the soil dries up and yields no crops…then, you’ll have to move to Joplin just to find a dang Wal-Mart. to buy food at.

    Just don’t go Amish on me Logan. And start mixing music again.

    You’ve got til August 7th, make use of your time…and your pitchfork

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