About Logan & Aanna

Our life feels alot like we are wanderers.

Logan recently graduated from Ozark Christian College, where he earned a Bachelor of Biblical Literature. Aanna recently graduated from helping Logan stay sane while graduating. She is now enrolling in classes on helping Logan stay sane while doing ministry.

Currently we reside in St. Louis (or, more accurately St. Charles) Missouri. Logan is a six-month Student Ministries intern at a church called Harvester Christian Church. Aanna is a sufferer…er…server at Red Lobster.

We are currently debating what our future plans are. Our prayer is that God will lead us faithfully as he has done in the past. We covet your prayers.

Hopefully this blog will help everyone stay in touch with us, and we hope you enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy writing them. Please leave your comments so that there will be some semblance of communication, not just freaks on a stage watched by a dark, faceless audience.

Love: The Wanderers (a.k.a. Logan & Aanna)


9 thoughts on “About Logan & Aanna

  1. Hello Greers!

    My wife and I think of you regularly in our prayers. BTW-you’re only 2 hrs. from me man: we should get together for a day.

    Lova ya.


  2. I make you sick? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Do you want a glass of water or a cool washrag? I just really want you to feel better, Logan.

  3. Not totally understanding what a blog is, here I sit blog-reading, because I love Logaanna. I am currently in doctoral courses on keeping a man sane in ministry. I thought I had graduated but had to re-enlist. I mean enroll.

  4. hello! This is jaime White. Think back all those years ago, your first year at occ, your roommate. Anyway I am glad to here you are both doing well and staying sane.

  5. Hey Jaime! I was just thinking about you a couple days ago. Thanks for being such an awesome roommate even when I’m pretty sure I did weird and social-inept stuff (going to bed at 9:30 every night…not claiming my farts…) What are you up to these days?

  6. “Logan has nonsense covered”

    Re-edit idea: “Logan has mindless, unintelligible drivel covered”

    I think this phrasing helps drive home the point.

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