Laptop For Freakin Sale

Ok so I know this is my first post, and it should be something like:


but I am just not interested in that kind of post right now (or really ever).

I would like to preface this post with the exhortation not to read it. It’s very long. It will be a waste of your time to read it almost as much as it was a waste of my time to write it. The feelings expressed therein are exaggerated and embarrassing. Please don’t read it.

Dell Inspiron 700m

The primary purpose of this post is to express my frustration at my Laptop selling woes. I have a great little laptop that I am in the process of trying to sell. It’s such a good laptop at such a good price that many people have been seriously interested. So serious that I was all but certain every one of them would buy it. But, without fail, each one has, at the very moment it looked as if purchase was secured, backed out. Graciously of course. But backed out none-the-less.

Now, my chagrin is not at these people necessarily, because they are all friends, family, and Church members. They have all declined in the kindest of ways, explaining their financial incapability with eyes that beg for understanding. Perhaps it is just me, but does no one examine their financial capabilities before trying to buy something? Maybe it’s that they are not looking at buying from a store, they’re just buying from little ol’ me, so they burst out with “I’ll buy it!” before their rational minds can catch up with their gluttonous eyes and starving mouth.

So give me a buyer with a rational mind up-front, who has examined all the potential things he/she could spend money on and decided to set this sum of money aside for a laptop, nothing else. Someone who has plotted the future the best a temporally tethered human can do, and decided that a computer purchase is something manageable.

Another thing I have been thinking about in light of this recent recurrence: to the average person, the purchase of a computer is never going to seem like a good idea (unless they were to stumble on a large sum of money, which would immediately eject them from the “average” category). So here’s this average person (for the sake of gender inclusion). I would say that most average people have the means to purchase a computer in the 800-1000 dollar range at any given time in their lives. Even if they don’t have the money on-hand, credit cards have opened up a veritable pandora’s box of purchase possibilities. The point is, they are able to buy said computer without incurring some kind of crippling, stale-bread-and-the-neighbor’s-water kind of debt.

But! But when it comes to the actual transaction, when they are forced to visualize their hands releasing money into someone else’s hands (mine, if dreams come true), their imaginations are flooded with an unstoppable torrent of all the other fabulous and desperately needed things they could be spending this very sum of money on. In my opinion our culture has not yet, by and large, realized the usage and need we have of computers. They are still toys to most people, and as such, their purchases fall far behind the purchases of school tuition, paint for the living room, future cars, and a host of other things. But if we look at pure and simple usage statistics, a good computer will get far more usage than all of those things, except for maybe Academics, in which case a good computer would be an invaluable aid in the educational process.

A computer lets us exercise our God-given creativity through digital photography, graphic design, musical creation, musical discovery, writing (in this case), web design, programming and thousands of other things. It allows us to stay in touch with anyone in the world without any cost but that of Internet service through chat, instant messaging, voice over IP (Skype), video calling, blogging, email, etc. It entertains us through music, movies, games, books, etc. It educates us with the Internet’s unending wealth of free information at the fingertips of anyone with a mouse and a keyboard. I would also venture to guess that the computer and the Internet has raised the literacy of the world.

So why would someone not buy a computer, when they have the means to do so and they desire to do so? Because we simply don’t recognize yet the incredible opportunities that a good computer affords us. We would rather paint our living room. We would rather buy a shabby old car. We would rather go through school handicapped. That’s not even to say that having a computer and having these things is mutually exclusive, they aren’t. Most average people still have enough money even with these things. The core problem lies in that they don’t realize how important a computer is to them, and how much use they will get out of it.

So guys, I have a laptop for freakin sale…


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